1 Question : An annotated bibliography is: [removed] a tool used to organize research efforts….



Question :

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An annotated bibliography is:




[removed] a tool used to organize research efforts.



[removed] a part of the revision process.



[removed] located in the back of every textbook.



[removed] available in the library.






Question 2.

Question :

When starting your search for peer reviewed scholarly sources, which of the following types of databases is your BEST choice?




[removed] A subject-specific database



[removed] A field-specific database




[removed] A general-purpose database



[removed] A basic Google search






Question 3.

Question :

A keyword search in the library’s databases functions exactly like a regular Google web search.



[removed] True




[removed] False






Question 4.

Question :

What is the best way to describe the concept of a “community of thinkers”?




[removed] Insistence of the truth of one’s own beliefs on a subject




[removed] Exchange and contribution of ideas among critical thinkers



[removed] Discussion within groups of like-minded individuals



[removed] Heated debates where one side clearly wins the argument







Question 5.

Question :

Choose the best thesis statement.




[removed] Parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.



[removed] Even though television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.




[removed] While television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch because it inhibits social interaction, shortens children's attention spans, and isn't always intellectually stimulating.






Question 6.

Question :

We can expect that the work of research will NOT provide us with which of the following?




[removed] New and exciting perspectives



[removed] Inspiration for related research projects




[removed] Clear and definitive solutions



[removed] New insight into the research topic






Question 7.

Question :

Scholarly work guarantees all of the following characteristics, EXCEPT:




[removed] Credible arguments




[removed] Accurate information not subject to debate



[removed] Criticism of other researchers’ work



[removed] Important methods used to interpret evidence






Question 8.

Question :

Failure to correctly identify the difference between scholarly and popular sources can lead to all of the following consequences EXCEPT:




[removed] It can show that your research is well rounded.



[removed] It can undermine your own argument and render it less persuasive.



[removed] It can challenge your credibility as a trustworthy researcher.



[removed] It can cause you to misuse sources.






Question 9.

Question :

How are background sources MOST relevant to researchers?




[removed] They explain an interesting theory related to the topic.



[removed] They provide a convincing argument on one side of the debate.



[removed] They explain the best ways to conduct research projects.




[removed] They feature established facts that help ground the researcher’s work.






Question 10.

Question :

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of a thesis?




[removed] To respond to one or more researchers’ positions



[removed] To prove a point




[removed] To present a straightforward definition of the topic



[removed] To cite relevant evidence to support your argument






Question 11.

Question :

Creative thinkers offer which of the following necessary skills to a research project?




[removed] The expertise to use logic to solve a problem



[removed] The ability to provide a clear answer to a question




[removed] Open-mindedness about alternative thinking



[removed] The discipline to conduct research thoroughly






Question 12.

Question :

In order to develop knowledge of a subject, which of the following is NOT considered essential?




[removed] Inquisitiveness




[removed] Expertise



[removed] Persistence



[removed] Research skills






Question 13.

Question :

Choose the best thesis statement.




[removed] People should always keep their dogs restrained because it is the law.




[removed] Although dogs require exercise for optimal health, owners should always keep their dogs restrained to protect the animal from accidental injury and the public from attack.



[removed] Dogs are animals and not fashion accessories so they should be allowed to run free.






Question 14.

Question :

When you contribute to a research conversation, which of the following skills is NOT strictly necessary?




[removed] Demonstrating careful thinking and attentive reading




[removed] Presenting the only voice of original ideas and research



[removed] Reviewing the work of others



[removed] Drawing inferences and conclusions based on credible evidence






Question 15.

Question :

Researchers prefer a narrow focus and selective research methods for which of the following reasons?




[removed] To specialize in field or subject matter



[removed] To access numerous ways to address a vast problem



[removed] To write a broad research question



[removed] To arrive at the definitive answer to a problem






Question 16.

Question :

“Classic” and “Rogerian” are types of what?




[removed] Argument



[removed] Syllogism



[removed] Logic



[removed] Music






Question 17.

Question :

It is NOT important to build credibility in an academic argument.




[removed] True




[removed] False






Question 18.

Question :

Researchers understand that their research may provide the following element for future generations:




[removed] The final and definitive answer to a problem



[removed] Absolute truth



[removed] The end of the need for research on the subject



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