After reviewing the relevant materials in the final module, analyze and explore the context for… 1 answer below »

Topic Option: Evolving Borders

After reviewing the relevant materials in the final module, analyze and explore the context for the evolving construction of borders and ethnic categories in the Southwest. Address the ongoing immigration from rural Mexico into the United States, including emic or insider experiences regarding reasons for this immigration. Please include pressures that influenced individuals to return to United States, and also to return home to Mexico. Add your own reflection regarding possible solutions and how you might respond in similar circumstances as well as your own ADDITIONAL research resources to those provided.

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Final Project Criteria (Your Final Project will consist of two parts)

Part One: A six page Analysis Paper (12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced) with an additional source page. (100 pts)

Part Two:A visual component such as a flier, video clip, or other visual presentation of your own creation. This visual component should accent the primary points of your topic, or what you want to leave your reader/audience with. Please be thoughtful and respectful when choosing these images (25 pts)

Please use a minimum of three reliable primary sources for your Final Project, including your own research resources outside those provided as a starting point.

Cite your sources according to the Chicago styleguide (preferred) or APA guidelines.


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