Define cellular adaptation , Explain the following four (4) major types of cellular adaptation… 1 answer below »

Define cellular adaptation (in 20-30 words)

3. Explain the following four (4) major types of cellular adaptation given in the table (in 30-50 words each).

Types Cellular adaptation


4. Movement of substances within and between body fluids, sometimes across a barrier such as the cell membrane is essential to normal physiology. Mention the direction, requirement and one example of substance transported by the following transport systems.

Transport system [Active transport ]

Requirement [Carrier molecule and cell energy]

Example [Ions, sugars, amino acids]

Direction [Low to high concentration]


Simple Diffusion


Facilitated diffusion




Hydrostatic force

5. Environmental health problems arising from environmental emergencies are connected to their effects on the physical, biological and social environment that pose a threat to human health. Specify one (1) effect of the following environmental emergencies on human body and mention any three (3) signs and symptoms of the particular effect.

Environmental emergencies

Effect on human body (1)

Signs and symptoms (3)




High altitude



6. Mr Jims, 68 year-old man presented to the Emergency Department following a house fire. The flat below his had caught fire during the night, and the smoke rose through the floors and windows, and the patient was exposed to significant smoke inhalation. He is suspected to have carbon monoxide poisoning. Answer the following questions based on the scenario.


What might be the pathophysiological changes brought about by carbon monoxide in his body?


Enlist the seven (7) possible signs and symptoms that the patient may manifest?

7. Describe the impact of following processes in human body (in 30 to 40 words).


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