Define the specific public health nutrition issue chosen, its underlying factors giving rise to…

Week 8. Two-Hour writing session what questions to focus regarding major assessment item

DUE 9 PM Tonight. Provide academic references. Your writing should equal that of a government role, not merely rational (proper spelling, apply rules of capitalisation over random use of font sizes, styles and bolding, correct English grammar, parallel verb tense). Returned papers will be graded with comments to allow you to improve and expand it prior to 11 June due date. This is not a new assignment. Already you were to have submitted at least the topic and a one page summary of your progress.

Cover ALL areas below, however, submit whatever you have accomplished to get this assignment in tonight by 9 PM.Best Wishes!

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  1. Define the specific public health nutrition issue chosen, its underlying factors giving rise to this health problem? Apply principles of public health nutrition and a ’systems approach’ to analyse YOUR CHOSEN population-level food and nutrition issue.
  1. With regard to your chosen Nutrition issue, analyse relevant portions of the food and nutrition system in Australia. In your ‘background’ discuss the relevant drivers: economic, political, environmental and/or social and evaluate their impact on the whole system and its components.
  1. Identify populations and ‘at risk subgroups’ to consider when developing interventions for your nutrition issue. Why is your target group community at risk? What are the past, current and future consequences of health due to this issue to the community?
  1. From a Public Health Nutrition perspective, critique current 1) policies, 2) strategies and 3) advocacy practices associated with your chosen nutrition issue and examine how priorities have been addressed and their outcomes.
  1. What does your analysis recommend should be done? What is your strategy intervention to address this issue? This must be clear, itemised and detailed. From your new level of expertise, make recommendations to improve this nutrition issue based upon topics in readings and in class, not limited to:
    1. Government policy, funding and new laws. However, be mindful that Australia allows individual self-determination and that the banning of: alcohol (a nutrition issue), sugar (a nutrition issue) or cigarettes (a significant risk factor in CVD, but, not a nutrition issue and therefore not relevant to any of our assignments) is impossible;
    2. Where to position the intervention: Upstream, Downstream and Midstream – support your choices with clear examples linked directly to your Nutrition issue. Include proper definitions as several in class have misunderstood the terminology, refer to the readings and quote references;
  2. Other than a reduction in the public health nutrition issue (which may include these or these or additional markers – Incidence? Complications? Years lost (lifespan) or years of disability) what other indicators should be monitored to indicate successful strategies and interventions? (Government policies? Media coverage?) Why and what do you expect from reports by other researchers?
  1. Communicate professionally and effectively. What will be the result if this issue is not addressed?

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