Find a newspaper article from your local paper for an event that occurred in the past month from…

Find a newspaper article from your local paper for an event that occurred in the past month from when this assignment was given. Once you have an event, reread the section on Sociological Theory in Chapter 1 of in your text. Select one of the following sociological paradigms and use it to explain the event you have chosen: Structural – Functional Approach Social – Conflict Approach Symbolic – Interaction Approach For ease and consistency the paper should be broken into the following sections: I. Introduction: (1-2 pages) II. Main Body (4-8 pages) A. Etiology: Is the study of causation. Using the paradigm you have selected, explain why the specific event occurred. (2-3 pages) B. Prediction: How can this paradigm you have chosen be used to predict the event you have chosen and future events in kind? (1-2 pages) C. Prevention and Societal Response: In this section of the paper offer suggestions, either your own or another sociologist-, on how the paradigm you have chosen may be used to prevent this type of event from occurring (or reinforce this type of event if it is viewed as positive for society) and how society and / or government should respond to this event. (1-3 pages) III. Conclusion (1-2 pages) Evaluation: Your paper should be written utilizing APA style references and citations, with at least three (3) references other than your text and the newspaper article you have selected. Although Wikipedia is a great place to look to obtain other sources of information, because it is a user-complied site, it cannot be used as an actual reference in your paper. Your paper should be double-spaced, and in 12 point font. A Cover Page, and Reference Page should be included.


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