Hello, I would appreciate a step by step explanation on how I can complete this final project. I…


I would appreciate a step by step explanation on how I can complete this final project. I need to make sure to include everything listed below. I have no problemawarding bonus points. Please provide a picture of your screen so that I can have an example of what I need to complete.

Here is the assignment:

“Write a program to maintain a person’s Savings and Checking accounts. The program should keep track of and display the balances in both accounts, and maintain a listof transactions (deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, and check clearings) separately for each account. The two lists of transactions should be stored in sequentialfiles so that they will persist between program sessions.

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frmBank.vb will be the form for this program. It will use instances from the other classes that are part of this program. Two drop-down combo boxes should each containthe items Checking and Savings (checking account and a savings account will be instances of class Account in the frmBank.vb,. Each of the four group boxes correspondsto a type of transaction. (When Savings is selected in the Account combo box, the Check group box should disappear.) The user makes a transaction by typing data intothe text boxes of a group box and pressing the button. The items appearing in the Transactions list box should correspond to the type of account that has beenselected.

The program should use two classes, Transaction and Account. The class Transaction should have properties for transaction name, amount, date and whether it is a credit(deposit) or debit (withdrawal/check). Ensure that these classes are in separate files consistent with best practices (you will have Account.vb and Transaction.vbfiles in addition to the frmBank.vb file).

The class Account, should use an array of Transaction objects. In addition, it should have properties for name (Checkings or Savings) and balance. It should havemethods to carry out a transaction, to display the list of transactions, and to load and retrieve the set of transactions into or from the sequential file. The eventInsufficientFunds and TransactionCommitted should be triggered at appropriate times. The value of CStr(Today) is a string giving the current date”.

Thank you so much!

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