Hill and Hult (2019) include a set of 20 cases to fill strategically aligned objectives for the…

Hill and Hult (2019) include a set of 20 cases to fill strategically aligned objectives for the core features of

international business strategy. They argue that: “(s)everal of these cases focus on company and country

scenarios related to China, Germany, Mexico, Myanmar, Russia, Venezuela, and prominent other markets.”

(p609) These cases cover a range of international companies including Apple, Dominos, Ford, General Motors,

Microsoft, Philips Siemens, Skype and Volkswagen. As well, these cases in general relates to several unit learning

outcomes including differing elements of international business – related theories, national differences, the

global trade and investment environment, the strategy and structure of international business, and international

business functions.


This Group Assignment is comprised of two parts.

Part A: Written Report on Two Cases (15%) [this part must be submitted via Turnitin by 5:00pm Friday 24

January 2020] – Expected length – Total 2000 words (i.e., 1000 words for each case)

First, you, as a group, are required to select two out of twenty cases as included at the end of the text by Hill

and Hult (2019 – pp608 – 634). The selection of these two cases will be determined by the coordinator of the

unit and will be allocated in Week 4 during Semester 3, 2019.

Second, you are required to:

a. Summarise and elaborate the respective case scenarios;

b. Answer and critically evaluate the set questions in each case; and

c. Demonstrate applicable theories and issues of international business relates to the selected case.

Third, as well, you are required to provide your reflections and conclusions using contemporary aspects of

international business relating to the case.

The expectation is that you are required to use academic and professional authentic references in analysing

the case and writing the report. Please go through unit outline for guidelines about Turnitin submission and

referencing style.

The Group Assignment develops students’ theoretical and technical skills in international business theory and

strategy as well as their written communication skills. You are required to form a group by Week 4 with no

more than THREE members of your class. Each member is fully responsible for the discussion, preparation,

composition and submission of the integrated case analysis in group. Failure by a student to attend,

contribute, and submit the assignment will result in the said student receiving a zero (0) mark weighting for

this assessment task. You must attach a completed, signed coversheet and a self and peer contribution

evaluation form with your written assignment.


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