Human beings are now demanding more and more resources from the marine environment…

Human beings are now demanding more and more resources from the marine environment

that is getting less and less able to provide the services that it used to offer.

In a well-researched, prepared, presented and referenced essay, explain the above statement

and explain using concrete examples from around the world how such a sorry situation has

arisen and then propose how the situation can be addressed and corrected.

In your essay, you must explain statement and the reasons for the situation described in the

given statement, provide examples that explain the situation and then propose ways to address

the problem and correct the situation.


a) Submit your essay ONLY via Essay Dropbox on Moodle (emailed essays will not be

accepted or marked)

b) Submit ONLY in Word format

c) Submit by the due date

d) Refer to the marking rubric as a guide

e) Provide complete and proper referencing (you can refer to USP Library staff for


f) Your essays will go through TURN-IT-IN so please ensure that the Similarity Index (SI) of

your submitted Essay is less than 20% (SI of higher than 20% will incur a penalty)

g) Provide your full name, student id number and campus on your title page

h) Save and upload your essay word document in the following format:

first name_surname_student id number Example: Kim_Samson_S11081234

i) Please come and see us if you have any questions.


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