Overview: 4-page Word report on a SPECIFIC info system topic you claimed with 4 fully cited referenc

Overview: 4-page Word report on a SPECIFIC info system topic you claimed with 4 fully cited references (not textbook or Wikipedia) prepared in MLA format (see Modules 5.5. 5.6 & 5.7). Do original report, not copy/pasted from websites. Do not plagiarize, your stuff is better/more genuine! ? ?See: MLA Style Research Paper by J.Smith, 2009, Capital Community CollegeType into the Google search strip:http://www.ccc.commnet.edu/library/mla.pdf??Preparation: Research current relevant news articles in the news & look for specific examples of your topic. Browse info systems vendor websites, interview people who work with the systems you are describing, get involved, etc.Report format suggestions: You may use 3-4 subheadings in your report to break up your material into sections if appropriate (such as: Introduction, Description of Info Sys Tech, Specific Company Example, Interview, Conclusion).A good paragraph length for readability is around 100-150 words (around 5 sentences) and you can have several for each section of your report.Please try to address the following in your paper:1. Intro (why did you pick this topic?)?2. Description of technology & names of systems they use? (general & vendor names)3. What does the system ‘do’? What kind of info is gathered and how is it used? How does this info system fit into the entire organization where it’s used (e.g., company + branches)?4. Feature a specific real-world example of company/organization. Interview an employee & cite on Works Cited page. Make an appointment ahead of time, have a list of questions, act business-like.5. What did you find out from your interview with an employee/manager there?? What did you observe that relates to our class?6. Your summary, conclusion, suggestions, recommendations, observations, etc.? Would you want to work there or be a customer/user of this system? Why/why not?7. 4 complete references in separate Works Cited page, properly cited in MLA format, arranged in alpha order by author.Spell check & proofread (because spelling checkers make mistakes you don’t intend!)

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