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PART A: Case Summary and Analysis

Before attempting this assessment task, read the case study and the associated readings in Learn JCU (week 1, topic 3).

After reading the case study and associated readings, provide a brief summary of the situation.

Then, choose two (2) of the following groups:

Healthcare consumers – those that use or will use healthcare services affected by this change.

Nursing/midwifery professionals – those that work or will work in healthcare services affected by this change.

Healthcare workforce – those non-nursing/midwifery professionals who work or will work in healthcare services affected by this change.

Healthcare organisations – those that employ or will employ healthcare professionals and who will provide healthcare services to consumers affected by this change.

Healthcare education providers – those that provide educational services and training to healthcare professionals, including nurses and midwives.

For your two chosen groups, identify and appraise the key challenges raised in the case study and analyse how these challenges may impact or affect them. You are not expected to identify solutions to these challenges.

This paper should be written as an academic essay. Third person must be used. Contemporary literature should be used throughout this paper to support your summary of the situation in the case study, appraisal of challenges, and analysis of their impact on your selected groups.

For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation Guidelines.

Healthcare informatics is diverse and evolutionary. As technology advances so too does its application within healthcare environments.

The aim of this assessment is to explore and develop a comprehensive, immersive overview of an area of healthcare informatics that has a widespread presence within all healthcare contexts: Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Over the course of the study period, you will engage in an unfolding case study that examines the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of EHR within an Australian healthcare context. You will examine and summarise the key features of the situation (Part A), analyse and identify the issues or concerns (Part B) and using a solution focussed approach to devise pragmatic strategies addressing problems that arise (Part C).

There are three submission dates to complete this assessment:

Part A: Submitted at the start of week 3 (worth 20%)

Part B: Submitted at the start of week 5 (worth 30%)

Part C: Submitted at the end of week 6 (worth 40%)

Contemporary literature should be used to support all three parts of your assessment. Specific instructions or requirements pertinent to each part of the assessment will be provided in each assessment descriptor. Below, you are provided with a case study (video) and associated readings (slideshow). The case study and resources will apply to all three parts of this assessment.

Video transcript

The path of implementing the EHR system in Australia has, at times, been troubled. The Australian Government, however, has recognised the potential benefits that an efficient EHR system offers healthcare consumers, professionals and organisations. Acknowledging that there must be a variety of ways to deliver the system and educate the range of individuals from various settings about its use, the government has now decided to redesign and relaunch the system.

With renewed energy and a large funding investment, the government will relaunch the new EHR system in Australia under the auspices of Medicare. The government is aiming to have compulsory registration for all Australians within 18 months of implementation.

An American digital health agency known as ‘e-Care’ has secured the tender to develop and launch the new EHR system and ensure alignment to Medicare. E-Care will also be responsible for designing the education program for Australian consumers and preparing training packages for the healthcare industry and the Australian Government.

*Note: This is a fictional case study for use with NS5332 only.


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