Scenario for AS3, Data Analysis Special events are designed to address customers’ needs….

Scenario for AS3, Data Analysis Special events are designed to address customers’ needs. Satisfying these needs might be triggered intrinsically or extrinsically and varies from learning new things to interact with spatial or socialising with others. Furthermore, the literature on customer engagement supports the view that engaged customers may perceive higher quality because they customize the experience to their own needs to enjoy the special event more. A senior manager of a special event wishes to understand if customer motives encourage engagement with a special event. Further, this manager wants to know if customer engagement really improves perceived quality of special event. This manager designed the below research model and asked his marketing research department to collect data to address these issues. As a part of the team, you have to analyse the data premised on hypothetical relationships the senior manager has developed and report the findings to him. The senior manager expects you provide him with a brief outline of what was done with the data and why. Further, he expects to have the results presented in a format that he can simply understand. Customer Engagement with Special Event Learning motive Excitement motive Escape motive Social status motive Family/friends’ togetherness Perceived Quality of Special Event


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