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Project 1

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    The childhood education and care service you work for places a great deal of emphasis on the development and wellbeing of children using an approved framework. They are also proud of the fact that they make children feel like they belong. The service provider has asked you to design a multi-page brochure or booklet that outlines and promotes its efforts and how children experience belonging, becoming and being.

    The brochure/ booklet should:

    • outline what belonging, becoming and being means for children in an education and care service
    • explain how the service helps children feel like they belong
    • a philosophy statement incorporating the essential components of the approved framework
    • outline what the service does to support children’s learning (be specific, you will need to provide examples of activities and strategies used)
    • clarify the relationships between educators, children and families

    You will also need to outline how childhood education and care service providers are affected by and meet the requirements of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS) and the concepts of the approved learning frameworks.

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    You should develop your brochure/ booklet with close reference to the material in this unit of work. You should also demonstrate that you have undertaken your own research. You are required to provide a reference list/ bibliography.

    The brochure/ booklet should be visually pleasing and can include the use of relevant pictures, diagrams and charts (if applicable). The ideas should be presented logically and should be worded in a fashion that allows parents to understand what you are saying. You should not overwhelm them with technical terms and jargon.

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    Conduct further research to provide a detailed summary of what the new National Quality Framework, the National Quality Standards and applicable learning frameworks—EYLF: Belonging, Being and Becoming or My Time, Our Place—are and how they can affect service providers, children and their families. (500-2000 words)

Project 2

  • Arrange with your supervisor to observe you demonstrating the following workplace observation tasks of working collaboratively and closely with at least one other educator to implement an approved learning framework within an approved education and care service, including:

    Uploading the completed checklist and any other written requirements for each task.

  • You are required to investigate and document your own involvement in at least three examples of pedagogical practices in the service. The report is to include:

    • Reflection on own practices in the workplace and key points of discussion with the supervisor
    • Identify the key participants in the implementation of the relevant approved learning framework
    • Reference the key relevant areas of compliance with the national standards
    • How you worked in collaboration with others to apply the principles and practices of the learning framework and to implement framework learning outcomes to all aspects of the educator role

    Upload your completed supervisor observation checklist here

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