The Project Portfolio and SW application (which we refer to as the “outcome of Sprint 1”) is…

The Project Portfolio and SW application (which we refer to as the “outcome of Sprint 1”) is where you create your

notes about this entire unit, along with your mobile application, week by week. You will also demonstrate that you

have accomplished all of the required coding exercises (with screenshots as evidence). We have this Portfolio instead

of an exam, so keep in mind that you need to demonstrate your understanding equivalent to if you were sitting an


In the Portfolio, you will create a reflective summary of the class notes and answers to practical coding exercises for

every project topic from every week within our unit. You are required to present a written report on each week’s topic,

analyzing and discussing how the topic relates to developing your mobile system application. You will also include a

screenshot of the output of each week’s hands on exercise, along with the significant learning notes. Appropriate

formatting required. Note, this is due before the Project, because you must have covered all concepts to be able to

complete the Project. Thus, this earlier due date somewhat forces you to make sure you cover all theory + practical

labs before you can finish the Project.


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