What areas of law are pertinent to this article? Describe what the identified areas of law cover,…

1. What areas of law are pertinent to this article? Describe what the identified areas of law cover, and explain how they are relevant to the issues raised

in the article. (500-600 words) (7 marks)

2. Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric, once stated, “Show me a company’s various compensation plans, and I’ll show you how its employees

behave” What message do you think he was trying to convey by this statement? To what extent do you think CBA’s remuneration plan influenced the

corporate culture and employee behaviour in CBA? What changes, if any, would you make to the remuneration plan? (500-600 words) (7 marks)

3. CBA had an excellent reputation amongst its customers but CFPL severely damaged it. What are the challenges faced by an organisation like CBA in

promoting ethical behaviour, compliance and good governance throughout the group? (500-600 words) (7 marks)

4. Who are the main players in the regulation of the financial industry in Australia? Outline some of the changes to the financial planning industry that

have been brought about by the recently constituted Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA)? (500-600 words) (7 marks)

5. ASIC is the corporate watchdog in Australia. Why was it criticised for its handling of the investigation into the dealings of CFPL? List three constraints,

not mentioned in the case study, which could limit the ability of this regulatory body to properly serve its function? (500-600 words) (7 marks)


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