You have agreed to design and develop a small console program for Ana, enabling her to select… 1 answer below »

You have agreed to design and develop a small console program for Ana, enabling her to select the appropriate item

and the package, and calculate the corresponding cost. Once an order is processed, the program will return to the

menu and ready to commence another order. This payment information should display:

? total payment amounts received for pizza order

? total payment amounts received for pasta order

? total amount of pizzas and pasta sold in that session*

*A session indicates the duration Ana is using the program after opening it. There is no need for this data to persist

once the program has stopped running.

Ana wants the system to be flexible so that she can include additional items and packages at a later date without

having to rewrite the entire program. This means you will need to use an interface for processing payments, and

polymorphism for the various food item classes, so that the new and different packages may be added at a later date

with minimal updates to the code. She asked that you provide her with some documentation before you commence

coding so that she is able to verify that the program you intend to code will address her requirements. She would

like to see the use cases to summarize the requirements in written format, as well as use case diagrams, class

diagrams and sequence diagrams.


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