You have recently been promoted to the position of manager for a small organisation….

You have recently been promoted to the position of manager for a small organisation. The PCBU has asked you to take on the responsibility for managing health and safety in the workplace as part of your role. The PCBU has admitted health and safety has not been a high priority in the workplace to date but a couple of recent near misses have made them think perhaps it should be.

Outline how you would establish and manage health and safety processes for this organisation.

You should explain, in detail, how you would:

1. collect relevant information about health and safety legislation and requirements and communicate it to stakeholders 2. collect, collate, present and use information on health and safety requirements, trends and risk controls 3. implement and monitor processes for ensuring that health and safety records are accurately completed, collected and stored in accordance with legal requirements and workplace procedures 4. review records and recordkeeping processes to ensure that legal requirements are addressed 5. put into practice consultative and participative processes to identify health and safety requirements in the context of the particular workplace and to ensure that work group members have an opportunity to contribute to decisions that could affect their health and safety 6. promptly resolve issues raised through consultation 7. develop and implement health and safety action plans and monitor and update them as required


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